Did you know that only about 2 out of 10 people use their strengths on a daily basis at their workplace? Strengths point the way to success, fulfilment and well-being.

These assessments are carried out online, and in just a few minutes allow you to discover the strengths, values and areas to be developed in your employees and teams.

DISC evaluation

The DISC test is an assessment that measures people's behaviour and emotions in terms of four dimensions of personality. It is based on the work of psychologist William Marston, and is named after its acronym in English: 

  • Dominance: Measures how the person responds to problems and challenges. Action-oriented behaviour, quick problem solving, decision making and risk taking.
  • Influence: Measures how you relate to and influence other people. People-oriented behaviour, interaction, interpersonal relationships.
  • eStability: Measures how you respond to change and the pace of the environment. Behaviour aimed at maintaining balance, harmony and the "status quo" in a safe environment.
  • Compliance: Measures how you respond to the rules and procedures established by others. Behaviours oriented to the investigation of data and information, to the quality of one's own and others' performance.

There are no better or worse results, it is a matter of identifying your strengths and orienting yourself professionally in that direction. For each profile, it will be easier to work in a job with similar characteristics and very difficult to work in a role that requires characteristics of the opposite profile. Not because you can't do it, but because it will generate stress in the long run. We all have our nature, and the more we are aligned with it, the better the results will be and the better we will feel.

The DISC model gives us information on only one dimension of our talent. As we are multidimensional beings, to get more accurate information we can add other dimensions to the test such as motivation, driving forces, competencies and emotional intelligence, etc.

StandOut Evaluation

Based on extensive research by The Marcus Buckingham Company (TMBC) the StandOut test was developed. This short questionnaire identifies your instinctive competitive advantage, and the strengths you can bring to your team. 

We all use the 9 new roles and there are no better or worse ones, there are simply two that we carry in our DNA, they energise us and we are naturally better at them. Stand Out is a predictor of performance at work, and is very useful to guide you in your career and thrive to feel fulfilled and feel good. The 9 roles are: Creator, Influencer, Equaliser, Connector, Motivator, Advisor, Teacher, Pioneer and Provider.


A reliable and practical thinker who always gives their best in reacting to and solving the problems of others.


A sensible person whose strength comes from keeping the world in balance in an ethical and practical way.


Perceives other people’s feelings and feels compelled to acknowledge them, act on them and give them a voice.


Is a catalyst whose strength lies in their desire to fuse two things together to make something far greater than they are on their own.


This person engages people directly and them to act. Their greatest strength is their persuasiveness.


The host of other people’s emotions, this person feels responsible for them, for changing their minds and encouraging them.


They make sense of the world by breaking it down, seeing a better configuration and being able to create what they see.


They see the world as a pleasant place where good things happen at every turn and whose strength begins with their optimism.


They are excited by the potential they see in each person and whose strength comes from learning how to unlock that potential.

StandOut offers practical advice on how to maximise your strengths, from your 2 dominant roles, including:

  • Your ideal career. How you can make an immediate impact and take your performance to the next level.

  • How you can succeed as a leader, manager, in sales or as an individual contributor.

Personalised Work Climate Assessment

Listen to the voice and measure the entire employee experience. Discover the overall perception of the team at a specific moment in time easily, quickly and effectively. Start your journey to a more innovative, competitive, engaged and committed team with a work climate assessment.

The default areas of focus are: Culture and values, communication, strengths, recognition, professional development, clarity of tasks and commitment to the company.

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We take care of everything. We ask the questions, we launch an anonymous survey without the need to download anything which can be completed wherever and whenever you want and we carry out the follow-up.

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Report of results

We provide you with a statistical analysis of the results, the findings and suggest an action plan for the key areas of team development that we determine.

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We carry out assessments in several languages. Indispensable if you are an international company.


Fully customised with your own logo, colours, language and questions. Tailored to your specific needs, and on-line.

Personalised Work Climate Assessment

How does it work?

Each consultancy is unique and personalised. Each client's situation is analysed and the steps and sessions to be followed for the development of the team are decided together.



The type of assessment to be used is decided. The team carries out the test to find out their strengths, values and areas for development.


Review of
the evaluation

The evaluation model used is explained. The team's individual and group results are reviewed and the results are shared. 



Objectives and KPIs are defined. Actions are initiated to align strengths and values in the team to maximise wellbeing and productivity.


Monitoring and improvement

The results of the intervention are measured and the new needs of the team are assessed. Corresponding actions are taken.

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