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For individuals, teams and leaders

Personal and professional transformation

I use my own multidisciplinary integrative methodology, combining tools and techniques from coaching, emotional management, Neurolinguistic Programming, Enneagram and systemic leadership.

I am certified to conduct DISC Behavioural Reporting and Stand Out Strengths Assessments.

A unique combination that allows me to adapt to the specific needs of each client, from different perspectives. In this way, I can accompany you in achieving your goals efficiently, and on your journey of personal and professional transformation. 

Albert Cervelló Griso

Career Transition. Re-employ yourself or create your dream job.

Align with your strengths, values and talent. Discover your purpose, and live a professional life of success and abundance.

Telework with well-being
and enthusiasm

Learn to identify and manage your emotions
and forget about techno-stress, living a grateful, peaceful life.
Albert Cervello_teletrabaja
Albert Cervelló Griso

Make an impact with your leadership, presence and interpersonal skills.

Lead your team with confidence and assurance. Develop all your skills to the maximum and express your full potential.

Free diagnostic test

In just 5 minutes and totally free of charge, discover your current levels of well-being, professional development and leadership. Receive 5 tips to improve in each of these areas. Contact us for a review and start your transformation journey to success.