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Developing high-performance teams

High-performing teams are those that deliver exceptional results because of their organisation, strengths and motivation as a group.

We offer improvement solutions through the development of an Assessment, Diagnosis and an Action and Follow-up Plan. By maximising the use of strengths and resources in the team, and improving their trust and communication, we manage to increase productivity and well-being and reduce the costs associated with stress, sick leave and turnover .

We use DISC and StandOut assessments, and fully customised work climate surveys, which quickly and online, allow us to know and detect the strengths and values of employees, and areas for improvement and development in the teams.

Albert Cervello Consultancy

Cultural transformation
in teams

It enables the definition and adoption of the desired culture by focusing on the organisation's purpose and values. Aligns the strengths and well-being of employees to improve team productivity.

Development of high-performance virtual teams

An assessment and diagnosis is carried out to understand the current challenges in the team. An intervention is co-defined with the client for the development of the team. KPis of the results are calculated and follow-up actions are taken.

Developing high-performance virtual teams

DISC, StandOut
and Work Climate Assessments

Based on the results of the assessments, a tailor-made action plan is designed to integrate the results and make significant changes to maximise the results and productivity of the team.

Free diagnostic test

In just 5 minutes and totally free of charge, discover your current levels of well-being, professional development and leadership. Receive 5 tips to improve in each of these areas. Contact us for a review and start your transformation journey to success.