Keeping your virtual team engaged and cohesive

The crisis caused by the Coronavirus has prompted many companies to adapt their working hours to tele-working, a change that has come about unexpectedly and which has led to the rapid implementation of a new way of working.

New methods and tools need to be adapted to the technological platforms and the new reality. However, it is also important to motivate the employee and the team to work efficiently from a distance and to keep your virtual team committed and cohesive. In order to deal with this new leadership, good communication is necessary, the objectives to be achieved must be well communicated and constant feedback must be maintained.

This course provides best practice recommendations and success stories to respond to this new challenge.

Team leadership and motivation

This course provides best practice recommendations and success stories to respond to this new challenge.

Techniques and tools for successful virtual leadership.

The resources, skills and applications used by effective and successful remote teams.

Empowering the virtual team

How to foster emotional self-management.
How to maintain permanent communication and foster collaborative work.

Motivation of employees.

How to know the values and strengths of your employees.
How to know if your employees are motivated by power, achievement or affiliation.

Conveying trust and confidence

How to show unwavering trust and confidence.

Identifying the mindset changes needed for virtual leadership

How to improve the confidence and results orientation of your team.
How to manage and unite your virtual team effectively.

Develop a positive and creative attitude to complex situations.

How to develop calmness, active listening, assertiveness and empathy.
How to foster creativity in conflict resolution

Challenges of leadership. Giving direction.

How to convey the vision, purpose and objectives.
How to develop the virtual team.


Increased employee well-being and commitment.
Employee engagement increases when companies invest in their training, development and well-being.
Fostering cohesion, trust and virtual team building
Teams that are more united are those that achieve better results.
Increases agility, adaptability and fosters innovation
It enables the team to learn new skills and tools to continue to operate efficiently.
Improving competitiveness and productivity.
Increase revenues and significantly decrease costs associated with stress, turnover and sick leave.
Reduction of stress, absenteeism and turnover.
Reduced absenteeism and increased employee loyalty

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