Strengthen your self-esteem and transcend your limiting beliefs.

The Enneagram is a self-awareness tool that describes nine different personality types and their interrelationships. Each of these nine enneatypes corresponds to a pattern of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Through this tool you will be able to know yourself in depth, strengthen your self-esteem and transcend your limiting beliefs. You will also get to know your values and areas of professional development. It also helps you to regulate your emotions and enhance your emotional intelligence. Thus, you will improve your relationship with yourself and with other people.

It is particularly useful for a team to know the personality of each of its members so that they can share and enhance each other's motivations, expectations and strengths.

Enneagram for
team development

In this workshop, we will look in depth at the following areas:

Enneagram: origin, characteristics and applications.

How did it become so popular? How is it used in business?

Description of each of the new enneatypes.

What are the characteristics of each of the enneatypes? How has this behaviour been formed?

The strengths of each enneatype and how to develop their abilities.

What are the strengths and areas for improvement of each enneatype?

Value to the team that it brings from each enneatype.

How can each enneatype bring more to the team?

Communication styles, personality and enneatypes within a team.

How do the different enneatypes relate to each other? How do I know which is my dominant enneatype?


Talent development for organisational growth and success.
Aligning the values and strengths of employees in a team increases productivity and improves results.
Improves the relationship with oneself and between team members
A better working environment boosts employee loyalty, attracts new customers and the best talent.
Improve conflict management, efficiency and results.
Decreased sick leave and increased employee loyalty
Encourages agility to change and innovation in the team.
Teams that innovate have a competitive advantage in this dynamic and changing environment.

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