Competencies to be developed by members of high-performance teams

  • Sense of belonging, recognition, participation and high satisfaction with the group. Working in international, multicultural and diverse teams with effective processes. 

  • Effective and assertive communication that enables them to understand each other with empathy, clarity and authenticity.

  • Confidence that enables them to deal effectively with conflict, and sufficient emotional management to understand pressure and experience it as a challenge.

  • Be clear about their roles and offer their best contribution to the group. Develop and grow as a group with the sum of their individual talents, share the same values and have a common purpose. Group interest is prioritised over individual interest.

Business woman talking to her colleagues in video conference. Multiethnic business team working from home using laptop, discussing financial report of their company

How to create cohesive and effective teams

Patrick Lencioni describes in his book "The five dysfunctions of a team" the most common reasons why teams are not cohesive and effective.

If we focus on the opposite approach, a cohesive and effective team behaves like this:

  1. They trust each other
  2. They participate in conflicts without fear and without filtering their opinions.
  3. Commit to decisions and action plans
  4. They hold each other mutually accountable for meeting them
  5. Focus on the achievement of collective results rather than individual interests

What you will get

Return on Investment

Improve results by maximising team talent, and reduce stress and its associated costs.


High-performance equipment

A cohesive team,
with confidence, participative, committed, responsible and efficient.


Better communication

They reduce problems by improving internal communication, assertiveness and conflict management.

How does it work?

Each consultancy is unique and personalised. We divide the team development process into 4 stages: assessment, diagnosis, intervention and follow-up. We accompany you, by your side and at your pace, covering your needs, from start to finish. 

Interviews and diagnostic assessments are conducted to understand the current challenges and areas of development within the team.
Key and priority areas are identified within the team. Possible solutions are suggested, and an intervention with the client is defined.
Actions are taken to address team challenges through training, coaching, team building activities, workshops and evaluations.
The effect of the interventions on the team is assessed and measured with KPIs. New needs are assessed and action is taken.

Develop your high-performance virtual team

100% satisfaction guarantee

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