Improving emotional intelligence and soft skills

The pace of work has been increasingly hectic and frenetic for some years now. The current COVID-19 situation has accelerated it even more and, in addition, has added a great deal more uncertainty. On the one hand, technology allows us to be hyper-connected and hyper-accessible from anywhere. However, it is essential to have good emotional management that allows us to live this whole situation of working remotely with enthusiasm and well-being.

It is extremely important to be proactive, and to manage all these elements effectively by defining the limits between personal and professional life well. Make good use of this technology, so as not to fall into social isolation, losing support from and cohesion with the team. It is essential to maintain a positive attitude towards teleworking by managing breaks, asking for help and maintaining an open attitude towards learning and good emotional management in order to avoid techno-stress.

Emotional management
for teams

In this workshop the following aspects will be answered:

The keys to emotional well-being

How to live with a positive attitude living in the present, with gratitude to dis-identify from your thoughts and create healthy relationships

Express and manage your emotions by increasing personal coherence.

How to identify and differentiate your emotions. How to align with your values, strengths and purpose.

Helping to organise and prioritise by increasing quality time.

How to know how to manage time and prioritise tasks to be more productive. How to identify and eliminate time fairies.

How to reduce the effects associated with techno-stress.

How to improve your relationship with technology. The competencies required to develop effective teleworking.

Guidelines for maintaining a work-life balance.

How to set limits and learn how to say NO.
How to set a timetable and stick to it.

Discover effective strategies of NLP, Mindfulness.

What Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Mindfulness is. The techniques that can be applied.

Create healthy habits.

How to create the following patterns (Postural, Daily movement, Eating, Resting) that will propel you to professional success.


Increased employee well-being and commitment.
Employee engagement increases when companies invest in their training, development and well-being.
It fosters team spirit, collaboration and cohesion.
Teams that are more united are those that achieve better results.
Improve the working environment and customer satisfaction.
A better working environment boosts creativity. The well-being of the employees is passed on to the customers.
Reduction of stress, absenteeism and turnover.
They drastically reduce the costs associated with stress, turnover and sick leave.
Improves productivity and generates high ROI
Increasing sales, employee loyalty and attracting new customers

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